St. Florian Patron Saint

St. Florian patron saint of firemen

St. Florian is most well-known as the patron saint of fire fighters, fire, and chimney sweeps. His association with fire comes from his life as a Roman army commander, when one of his collateral duties was organizing the firefighting brigades. He is also reputed to have saved an entire town from burning by throwing a single bucket of water on the conflagration.

Saint Florian is also the patron saint of Poland and upper Austria. His death at the hands of his own Roman army was due to his faith, and he died after being thrown into the river Enns with a millstone tied around his neck. The river Enns is currently part of Austria. He was retrieved from the river by a faithful woman of the town and buried nearby. Later, his body was removed to the Augustinian abbey now known as St. Florian (Sankt Florian), near the current-day town of Linz, Austria.

In 1138 Pope Lucius III gave some of St. Florian's relics to King Casimir of Poland as well as the Bishop of Cracow. Since that time he has been associated with both countries and is regarded as their patron saint.

He is also invoked as the patron saint of soap-boilers, and protection is sought from him against floods and for drowning victims, obviously associated with the method by which he died. Coopers and brewers consider him their patron saint, and this is associated with a fire in the town of Nurnberg, Germany. A large fire in the 8th century was reportedly put out by St. Florian, though whether beer or water was used to douse the flames is not clear. But since that time people who make and store the beverage have considered him their patron saint.


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Patron saint against drowning
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patron saint of harvests
patron saint of Linz, Austria
patron saint of Poland
patron saint of soap-boilers

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